lectures about Pompeiian and Herculanean art and achitecture


Pictures from Pompeii and Herculaneum

Small pictures(thumbnails)

1. Herculaneum
2. House of the " Mosaico di Nettuno e di Anfitrite"
3. House of the " Mosaico di Nettuno e di Anfitrite" Neptunus et Amphitrite
4. House of the "Cervi" (exterior)
5. House of the " Salone Nero"
6. House of the" bel cortile" winged eros"
7. House of the " bel cortile", dolphin.
8. Detail, house of the grand portal

1. House of the Vettii ( Domus Vettiorum) //Amorini// from the atrium tuscanum
2. House of the Vettii. Satyr from the Atrium tuscanum
3. House of the Vettii. Cupid with dolphins.Atrium tuscanum.
4. House of the Vettii. Cupid riding a crab. Atrium tusc.
5. House of the Vettii. Ala Fighting roosters.
6. House of the Vettii. Lares
7. House of the Vettii. Partridges. Ala
8. House of the Vettii. Triclinium. Cupids
9. House of the Vettii. Triclinium. Cupids (winesellers)
10. House of the Vettii. Cook´s room. Erotical wallpainting
11. House of the Venus marina. Tablinum. Landscape with buildings.
12. Atrium of the House of Menander.
13. House of the Faun. Entrance "Have "(Ave)
14. House of Venus Marina. Venus marina with escorting Cupids.
15. House of the little Fountain
16. House of Sallust. Tablinum
17. Via "Abundantiae"
18. House of the Gladiators
19. House of the Gladiators
20. Outside porta Vesuviana
21. Vesuvius from Sorrento
22. Pompei. Porta di Nocera
23. Pompei. Porta di Nola
24. Pompei. Domus P. Proculi. " Canis catenarius"
25. Castellum aquae and Porta Vesuviana
26. House of Marcus Obellius Firmus
27. Underground canal built by Fontana 1594-1600
28. Domus Loreiii Tiburtini, Narcissus
29. Domus Loreii Tiburtini, Pyramus et Thisbe