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2017 course outline

Template for Task One

Find out answers to the following things and write them into your books or on your refill.
  1. What he is in charge of?
  2. How he came to power?
  3. His general personality. You will need to start reading some of the myths that Zeus features in.
  4. Some of his family history

For all of your answers you must refer to Primary Source Evidence about Zeus.
Your Primary Source Evidence must support some of the aspects above. Things were written in ancient Greek and translated into English about Zeus. Pictures of Zeus and the things we associate with his character have been found on ARTIFACTS [things] of all kinds eg. Greek Vases and statues.

For each answer above you must use the following way of writing: [but it doesn’t need to be exact!- Just showing you how to go about including the primary and secondary evidence in your answers that you need to get Merit or Excellence]

The ancient Greeks believed that Zeus was in charge of . According to [insert secondary source name here eg internet website and url or author and book title] Zeus was in charge of _. We can also tell this from primary source evidence such as their writing and some artifacts which show Zeus with a which was believed to be able to _ [or the ancient Greeks viewed as a symbol for] _.

[things to look for here are a throne, and …….]

A specific example of Zeus’s _ can be found in the translated text of _ when he writes . It can also be seen in a picture painted on which was believed to be painted by .

Therefore, we have evidence from artifacts and translated ancient Greek texts that Zeus was in charge of _.

According to [secondary source name here] Zeus came to rule the ancient Greek pantheon of the gods because_.For example, [author] writes _. Primary source evidence for this comes from [author of text] which states that_. Zeus’s family history includes . Evidence for this comes from [secondary source author] in their book called . Translated myths about Zeus tell us that Zeus began life as _. For example, [name of myth] has Zeus . This shows that Zeus came to rule after he was firstly .

[secondary source authors] tells us that Zeus’s personality was known as , and . For example, [secondary source author] writes in their book [title] /on their website[title and url] that Zeus was known to be _. We get evidence of Zeus’s personality through his actions in translated myths. For example, [name of myth] tells us that .

This is the way you record the sources that you found to answer your questions. Ibid means “as above”.

Title of website
Author if there is one named
Date that you viewed it

Non Fiction Book
Surname of author
First names of author
Title of Book
Publisher’s name
Place of publication
Date published

Fiction Books
Author’s first name
Author’s surname
Title of Book
Place of publication
Date of publication

Bibliography or list of my secondary sources
Ancient History Encyclopedia, __, viewed 2/2/2017.
Ibid, __ 5/2/17.
Findlay, Marion, Classical Mythology, Longman, Auckland, 1999.
Zeus of Greek Mythology, Documentary Film, Youtube, __, viewed 3/2/2017.
Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Miramax Books, USA, 2005.

Bibliography or list of my Primary Sources
The Theogony of Hesiod translated by Hugh G. Evelyn-White (1914),
__, viewed 3/3/2017.

Task Two:
This task requires you to look up a translated myth about Zeus and THREE others that he has/had a relationship with.

Task 2: Zeus’s Relationships
Select THREE relationships that Zeus had from the list below.
Titans and other gods
Mortal Women
Mortal Men


Sources for these could be found at:

For each selected god/goddess/mortal you should aim to include the following :
  • Describe the myth – provide an outline of the myth and how the chosen god/ goddess/ mortal is linked to Zeus.
  • Describe the nature of the relationship – happy, sad, violent etc.
  • Provide any consequences or effects of the relationship – children, death etc.
  • What does the myth show us about Greek culture and/or society?
  • What is someone else’s interpretation of this myth? – secondary sources to be used here.
  • provide a bibliography
  • Primary and secondary evidence to back up what you are sayingexternal image 3ZuO0EZg9Fz9vvYIcmv_lh8E0C99sTO5I7sAmHaw4tpbNpkK-JBWYXazfFqahyE9i7_8ooLS5dizJrcOYypuOlhJwM4z_O98WWKofwx12BuXqTG87jw9Bk1y60tr9-l4VLN1T_K-external image QjbQibksiAOEx3uZhQ7wGrPlh7WCrnVu3f2mJqyhZLIYx4XRGdHL0EgtJNHVWypi-2cXLg8rRZVzEU6_SmGxLh0R-7tswHmO7-SLxZfqEljo10UHzQrsmswgwmCp0Wcw9MCxHL3Hexternal image AgOFdAD3WM0yME8s1YZbryWbF-ByuZKUAcUvRN44TpENgjNdxpeE6TXQ4OqJgm_GzWlnCxKtFQSP2v3QXptvfn009dFpTOZun7oCqpqKpjoHHftgNJP21A58ajnyOpZF1AjAeeHBexternal image uCh6ist3_Bp1kjRJd2K0473i3w_sPa1Vs9gUVnhpcXxAmWsPEVc_9ekni9Jjp7-ZHt4NVJHDFfVj9HgYW4GTHAFcDc9J_wzpzXzkZaTlgDrjNtfAJZsrP7oZFjee5KXrbF7veFUc
You would unpack and write up Task Two in the following way:

Write the heading:Relationship One: Zeus & _

Write the heading: Describe the Myth
Who, what, where, when and why. Refer to secondary sources here for proof of the myth.Then follow with primary sources. These could be from the Theogany [you have a copy of this or go to __]. Also find a pictorial or sculptural source both secondary and primary.

Write the heading: How is Zeus linked to the chosen god/goddess/mortal? Refer to your sources used above.

Write the heading: Describe the nature of the relationship . Refer to your secondary source here and again follow up with primary.

Write the heading: What were any consequences of this relationship? Refer to your secondary source first and then back it up again with the primary sources.

Write the heading: What does this myth show us about Greek culture or society?__
This is where you are able to reach Excellence Level:

To demonstrate perceptive understanding of that relationship, you will give an explanation that shows your insight. Things to look at are and write about are:
  • The social importance of these myths. What do they tell us about Greek society? What social rules and expectations do they reinforce?
  • What did the ancient Greeks use myths for? Eg explaining the unexplainable. Showing the virtues and morals expected of people in their society. Inspiring people to act in as heroes or as well-behaved and civilised Greeks.
Reading for this could be found on search terms: Greek society and culture, Xenia, arete, kleos.
From the above source: The poets who wrote each myth were also considered to be divinely inspired by the Muses.
The Muses, Zeus’ nine daughters by the goddess of memory, were the goddesses of artistic inspiration....Thus, myths held a revered place in ancient Greece as they were seen to be divinely inspired and were meant to convey some important message about life or the gods to the people. Simply put myths can be seen as “traditional tales relevant to society.”
... Myth can be seen as history in that it chronicles an event that happened in the past. Myth can also be grouped with religious documents because it was divinely inspired and dealt with the “attributes… roles… and relationships” of the gods. Or, myth can be viewed as literature.

Refer first to secondary sources then to your primary to back-up your assertions/deductions here.

Write the heading: What is someone else’s interpretation of this myth?
Refer to your secondary source here and compare it with another secondary source interpretation.

Write the heading: Bibliography

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